E-Business Training SolutionsWelcome to E-Business training solutions developed by Almond Communications for you.


Welcome to E-Business training solutions developed by E-Skills Labs for you.

We are launching specialized practical and immediately applicable public and in-house training courses in E-Business, a first in Kenya.

Our programs are tailored to address key areas such as e-Commerce, e-Marketing, e-Security and Information Assurance, Application Development and ICT Productivity and Governance.

These courses are developed to be the most direct way to enable participants quickly get new ideas and skills that are immediately applicable. They are targeted at ICT professionals, entrepreneurs and non ICT staff who use ICT in the day to day execution of their duties.


Some of our seminars and workshops are:

  • E-Commerce Strategy Development Workshops
  • Digital Marketing Strategy Development Workshops
  • E-Security Workshops: Policy & Strategy Development
  • E-Security Workshops: Audit & Penetration Testing
  • Inbound Marketing Seminars
  • Information Assurance Workshops

Corporate programs may be customized and include:

  • Advanced Microsoft Excel Training
  • ICT Productivity and Compliance courses
  • e-Safe/ e-Security Proactive Workshops
  • Project Management course

Programs under development include:

  • Application Development (Web and Mobile)
  • Diploma in E-Business
  • Diploma in Digital Marketing
  • Diploma in Information Technology
  • Diploma in Information Systems
  • Graduate Certificate in Information Security
  • Graduate Diploma in Information Security

Program facilitators include professionals and practitioners in E-Marketing, E-Commerce, E-Security, Web Application Development and Legal Issues in ICT, Internet and IP) with experience that spans decades in Informatics, Business and Law.

For further information and to register, kindly contact the following persons.

We look forward to your participation.

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